How To Eat Healthy

We live in a fast world where everybody is running and nobody has time to sit and eat healthy foods. And this is one of the reasons for even children ending up with lots of serious and severe medical conditions.

But that does not mean that one has to starve or eat very less food and get dehydrated and have a fall. By making just few changes in our dietary plan, we can make ourselves healthy and stay fit and stay away from any kind of health ailments.

Healthy Goals

healthy goals

1. Fruits and vegetables: Change the plate you eat with half of the plate filled with fruits and vegetables. Make the plate colorful with red, orange, green colored fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, capsicums, oranges, apples, etc. along with other regular food items. The more colorful the plate is the more healthier it is.

2. Take whole grains: Half of the grains we take, make them whole grains. For example shift from white bread to whole grain brown bread. Always look out for “whole wheat”, “oatmeal”, “brown rice” etc.

3. Go for fat free milk: Everybody takes milk in the morning and change from fat milk to fat free or low fat milk which is more healthier than the full fat whole milk.

Both whole milk and fat free milk have the same calcium amount and other essential nutrients but fat free milk has few calories and less saturated fat.

protein diet

4. Protein diet: Some of the sources of protein are meat, poultry, sea food, eggs, nuts, etc. Go for chicken breast piece or turkey breast piece which has less fat and high protein content.

Take a handful of nuts everyday, but anything that crosses the limit is bad for the health so restrict the intake of nuts to a favorable limitation.

5. Drink more water: Instead of taking aerated drinks go for water. Water actually cleanses the system and removes the toxins from the body. If the water is bland, a bit of lemon juice or a few watermelon pieces can be added to give flavor to the drink.

6. Take seafood: Sea foods have protein, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids, which is very important for the heart as it makes the heart healthy.

7. Avoid fat foods: Foods that are made with butter, margarine and sugar like cakes, cookies, desserts, etc. can be avoided. Fast foods like pizza, burgers, hot dogs, etc. needs to be avoided too.

Healthy Breakfast Tips

healthy breakfast preparation

One could be late for school or late for office, so let me skip the breakfast is a standard mistake that people make. So, never ever, please, do not skip the breakfast.

If we do not eat anything in the morning, it is obvious that we are going to overeat during the lunch time, which is definitely not a healthy option.

Taking oats for breakfast is a healthy option as it is good for the heart and gives energy. In this fast paced world, it is so easy to cook oats, add milk, fruits and nuts, voila! we have a healthy and complete breakfast for the day.

It energizes the body and gives strength to the muscles so that we can tackle the entire day with ease and comfort.

The other breakfast items are yoghurt, eggs, whole wheat bread with peanut butter, etc. makes a great breakfast treats.

Healthy Lunch Tips

healthy lunch

Instead of taking unhealthy junk foods, which takes more time to digest, at office or college, it is a wise choice to carry lunch.

Go for oat flapjacks, whole meal sandwiches, brown rice or pasta salads that releases sugars into the bloodstream at a slower and more constant rate.

Go for sprouts with fruits and vegetables as they are rich in protein.

Take enough water as without proper intake of water, one could get dehydrated and feel lethargic.

Healthy Dinner Tips

dinner tips

Dinner should always be light and healthy as we are just going to sleep afterwards. If by chance the dinner was heavy, go for a stroll before sleeping.

Take a dinner with lots of fruits and vegetables with less cheese, carbohydrates and milk as that would take a longer time to digest. Take enough water.


Eating is the most essential part of our living and what we eat is what we are.

We can understand that everybody is busy in today’s world, but health is wealth and we all work and earn to eat and stay healthy. Therefore, always go for a healthy diet plan.

We can eat everything, provided there are no allergies, even if it is junk, but at a restricted limitation and stay healthy forever.

Take eight glasses of water everyday so that the system flushes out the wastes and toxins from the body which is very essential to stay healthy.